Transatlantic Cruises

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Transatlantic Cruises

Before there were flights, crossing the Atlantic via ship was a luxurious mode of transport enjoyed only by the elite. The spirit of those voyages remains today on Transatlantic cruises.

Transatlantic Cruises

Once a grand ocean voyage, Transatlantic cruises were a luxury enjoyed only by a few. Stylish passengers spent their days lounging on deck, and then dined, danced and toasted with champagne while speeding between America and Europe. These pleasures still exist today for those who value the shipboard experience and appreciate traveling in style and comfort. And of course, there is always the romantic allure of simply making a legendary journey.

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Transatlantic Cruise Highlights

These itineraries make few if any ports of call, so voyages center on onboard entertainment. Dancing, dining and lounging poolside are tried and true staples of ship life; enrichment classes in art, tech, language and fitness are growing in popularity too. Sometimes, a Transatlantic cruise is hosted by a well-known chef, author or entertainer. Enjoy curated onboard entertainment featuring comedians, singers, musicians, magicians and more, and of course, take time to relax and pamper yourself fin the onboard spa. When ships do stop, it is often at islands off the coast of Europe or Northern Africa, where you can relax on the beaches, hike up to beautiful summits or wander through charming seaside villages.

Popular Transatlantic Cruise Ports

On a Transatlantic cruise, it really is about the journey, not the destination. The sailing itself is the main draw, and few ports of call are visited. However, here are a few places ships sometimes stop at:

  • Canary Islands: A Spanish territory located off the coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands are a natural wonder, complete with stunning volcanoes, black- and white-sand beaches, and intriguing rock formations. Some Transatlantic cruises stop in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where visitors can whale watch and stroll through the islands' historic cities.
  • Azores: This remote Portuguese region is located in the mid-Atlantic, and is home to lush vegetation, quaint fishing villages and dramatic views. Some ships stop to refuel in the Azores, giving passengers time to enjoy the magnificent islands.
  • London: While not technically a port of call, many travelers choose to extend their trip with a visit to London following disembarkation in Southampton. Many cruise lines offer land tour packages to make the trip a seamless extension of a Transatlantic adventure.

When is the Best Time to Go on a Transatlantic Cruise?

Transatlantic cruises sail most often at the turn of seasons, when cruise ships reposition. Leave from the Caribbean in April and May, or from Europe in September or October. Some traditional cruise lines do still make frequent sailings between New York City and Southampton, England throughout the year.

What Cruise Lines Go to on Transatlantic Cruises?

Once a main method of transportation across the pond, Transatlantic cruises now mostly sail around repositioning times. Many major lines transitioning between Europe and the Caribbean offer Transatlantic itineraries, including:

  • Cunard Line: Possibly the most historic of any sailing today, Cunard has been crossing the Atlantic since 1847, and one of its ships, Queen Mary 2, still makes the journey several times each year. During the journey, travelers can watch live planetarium shows, relax at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub or treat themselves to Champagne afternoon tea.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Voted Best Onboard Entertainment, Best Specialty Restaurants and Best Casinos, Norwegian Cruise Line ships are a great place to be when crossing the Atlantic. Norwegian's Transatlantic itineraries include ports of call in the Caribbean, Spain, and Ireland.
  • Holland America Line: Another legacy line, Holland America has been sailing between Europe and North America for more than 140 years. These Transatlantic itineraries include stops in placed like the Faroe Islands, Shetland Islands, Madeira, and Holland's private island, Half Moon Cay.

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Apr 2017 49 cruises $498
May 2017 11 cruises $749
Jun 2017 6 cruises $819
Jul 2017 7 cruises $829
Aug 2017 17 cruises $949
Sep 2017 22 cruises $719
Oct 2017 21 cruises $729
Nov 2017 46 cruises $499
Dec 2017 13 cruises $669
Jan 2018 6 cruises $949
Feb 2018 4 cruises $2,327
Mar 2018 15 cruises $999
Apr 2018 46 cruises $749
May 2018 14 cruises $729
Jun 2018 14 cruises $699
Jul 2018 7 cruises $869
Aug 2018 15 cruises $1,499
Sep 2018 19 cruises $1,399
Oct 2018 19 cruises $899
Nov 2018 25 cruises $699
Dec 2018 5 cruises $1,199
Jan 2019 2 cruises Call For Price
Mar 2019 2 cruises $7,299
Apr 2019 5 cruises $3,725
May 2019 1 cruises $4,085
Nov 2019 1 cruises $2,360

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